HYT, Hastroid Rainbow Nebula

• Manufacturer: HYT Watches by KTS SA
• Year: 2022
• Reference No.: H02913-A
• Case No.: HS-14/A232-001   N°1/1
• Model Name: Hastroid Rainbow Nebula
• Material: Titanium / Black DLC
• Caliber: 501-CM
• Bracelet/Strap: Black rubber
• Clasp/Buckle: Titanium / Black DLC
• Dimensions: Width : 48.00 mm / Length : 52.30 mm / Thickness : 17.20 mm
• Signed: N/A
• Accessories: N/A
• Estimate: $50,000 - $80,000

Symbol of a new launch, the Hastroid has been designed and conceived to meet new expectations. Its 48 mm diameter casing, with a total length of 58.3 mm and a 13.3 mm case thickness is shaped from the most modern or contemporary high-quality materials: titanium, titanium and carbon.

Custom-made for new adventures, the multi-layer middle case presents subtle openwork, while the sandwiched construction method of the watch overall, waterproof up to 50 meters, with a central protective titanium case for movement, allows optimal handling of the missions assigned to this new spacecraft.

Like a flight deck, the watch is topped by domed sapphire crystal offering a largely unobstructed view of the overall dial. The centerpiece of the mecafluidic mechanism remains, of course, the fluid system, with two central "bellow" reservoirs, whose design, unique to HYT creations, reinforces the character and feeling of power and the capillary surrounding the dial.

The design inspiration from this one-of-a-kind timepiece is the rainbow colors that often shine on far away nebulas in the cosmos. The colors are glowing in the deep black of space and the overall effect is mesmerizing. To achieve a spectacular effect, all the elements of the case, strap and part of the dial are kept black, to draw further attention to the rainbow colors.

HYT worked with Tritec to have indexes all of the different colors in Superluminova Lumicast in 3 dimensions and to keep these same colors in the dark with different colors of light emission. A Rainbow in the light and the same glowing into dark! The same Superluminova has been used on the dial below the capillary in the segments between the hour markers to underline this luminous game. Those elements are covered with the advancement of time and uncovered when the liquid makes its retrograde shift to start the following time cycle. Another perfect example of the innovative breakthrough approach of HYT and of the mastery of Luminescence beyond its known applications.

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